My Story

It all begins in 2002, moved by a strong interest in photographic art, it enters into the complicated world of photography, making it become its work.

Mainly self-taught, he began his photography study through the analysis of the leading photographers of world history, taking inspirations and ideas. “The chatter”, in photography does not serve much, while serving humility and the continued desire to question, “says he himself; His path starts from doing and not from saying, he immediately puts himself in the game collaborating as an assistant for other photographers and by careful observer assimilates and refines the photographic techniques slowly until his own photographic studio opens.

Paolo Lanzi

From the 2009 member of the NPS Nikon Professional Service

As a professional photographer he becomes a member of TauVisual, the most important national Association of Professional Photographers.

The prestigious membership recognized by Nikon for those who carry out professional photographic activity and that allows to guarantee a preferential lane for their own equipment and consequently guarantee to all Its customers professionalism and safety.

His passion leads him to deepen the fashion photography, begins to create photographic books for models and model and in 2006 he throws himself in the fashion shows of the haute couture Romana and as a freelance to date he collaborates with fashion agencies, magazines, stylists and agency of Events and spectacle that lead him to be called by the famous Milanese agency Imaxtree (, with which he currently collaborates for the fashion weeks of Milan, Rome, Paris and Berlin for the most important fashion magazines such as the NewYork Magazine, Marie Claire Spain, Elle Italy and Germany.

Wedding photographer much appreciated for his sober, real and spontaneous style

"He knows how to grasp the meaning and the essence of the moment and make it in images that have a soul and a thousand words enclosed in the midst of a rainbow of colors. Photography is an art, art is a gift, and Paul owns it." (Signal

Paolo Lanzi - Storia - Matrimoni - Wedding

The close link with fashion photography leads him to interpret a marriage in a particular way, an engaging blend between classic and modern, which aims to make eternal and exciting every single moment. In January 2014, after careful evaluation and scrupulous checks, comes the admission to the prestigious ANFM – National Association Weddings Photographers (, a further recognition that still guarantees as professionalism especially In this work it must be placed first.